Partner with us, take 50% of sales revenue 

There are two types of partnership available:

1). Bring your digital products let's collect payment for you. We'll collect payment for your products such as eBooks, download registration keys, gaming access keys, etc. Let's collect payment for your products no matter what country in the world you live. We'll pay you weekly by Bitcoin or bank wire transfer. 

The terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, payment period and percentage for the above partnership offer is the same as the second offer below.

2). The second partnership offer is that we can create a special online store for you to generate money by accepting credit or debit card and many other payment options. You'll take 50% of any amount of money generated from your store. This store would be created for you with digital products, so that you won't have to deal with shipping.

The most frequently asked question by people who want to subscribe to this offer is: how would I know when someone purchase from my store? 
Answer: you'll know immediately. The store would be set up with your email address and you'll receive an email instantly when someone place an order. We recommend that you use Gmail so you can get notifications fast.

The next question people ask is: when will I get paid? 
Answer: you'll get paid once every week. Flutterwave will pay you in 5 days, while Paystack will pay you in 7 days. Both would pay you automatically.

However, this offer is only available if you live in the following countries or has a bank account there to receive your payment.

United Kingdom 
United States 
All Europe 
Burkina Faso
Guinea Bissau
South Africa
Central African republic
Equatorial Guinea
Congo republic 
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso
Guinea Conakry

The reason you'll need to have a bank account in any of the above country is because those are the countries where the payment gateway can transfer money to automatically. So, your shop would be set up with your bank account and the payment gateway would pay you automatically once per week. It's on autopilot. Just make sales, wait, get paid. Repeat every week. 

Important: if interested, sign up by making a $19 trial order at any of the link below



We'll set up your shop as soon as we get your test payment. There's no limit on the amount of money you can generate in a day. 

If you're interested but you don't have a bank account in any of the above countries, let us know and we'll pay you weekly by Bitcoin or Ethereum or USDT.

Whether you have your own products or you want to sell our products, contact us by WhatsApp, Telegram or by email if you have any question.

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