First, we have three payment options and three payment gateways available to you. 

(1). Follow here to checkout with debit card via Flutterwave payment gateway. Go here to buy Bitcoin with debit card without KYC verification

2). Follow here to checkout with PayPal gateway by card only. See buy Bitcoin with PayPal account

3). Checkout by bank transfer (scroll down for bank account details)

However, note that this payment option is not for the debit card to debit card offer.  It's rather for the debit card to Bitcoin offer i.e for customers who want to buy debit card and receive Bitcoin instead. To purchase debit card and receive Bitcoin, use either of the three options previously provided above or go to buy debit card and receive Bitcoin instead. No verification. Or go to buy gift card and receive Bitcoin instead. No KYC verification. We also provided all the other payment options there.

Secondly, however, if you want to purchase debit card and receive debit card, you can always place your order on our Amazon store by clicking on the second card listed on every page. Go to home page and follow the second card on each page to order from our Amazon store. 

If you don't want to order this debit card on Amazon, follow the two sources below to place your order. 

There are two payment gateways you can use to make payment, it's either by PayPal or Flutterwave. Click on any of the card pictures below to choose how to pay. You'll have many payment options, such as bank transfer, debit or credit card, mobile money, etc.

Checkout by PayPal. Order virtual prepaid Mastercard. Click on card
Note: before you pay by PayPal, please take note of our PayPal ordering terms and conditions.

Checkout by Flutterwave. Order virtual prepaid Mastercard. Click on card

Flutterwave doesn't provide a way to automatically choose order amount, so you'll have to manually type the card amount you want by editing the default $0.00 on the order page. Remember to include our commission when placing your order. You'll see details on the order page.

After you've made a successful payment, please contact us with your order number at email: or chat us on WhatsApp or Telegram below. 

IMPORTANT: You've heard me many times say "Debit card to Debit card" and "Debit card to Bitcoin". That's not a mistake, rather I want you to understand that Debit card to debit card VS Debit card to Bitcoin are two different products with different prices. They're not the same thing. You cannot order debit card to Bitcoin on Amazon, you only have the option to receive Bitcoin or debit card if you order on this site. Hope you understand.

Thirdly, if you don't want to purchase on our terms to receive Bitcoin or debit cards but you instead need gift cards for your personal use or to gift to someone else, you can purchase gift card at our Amazon store or at other stores at Purchase best selling gift cards hereThat's a general listing of gift cards. But if you want gift cards sorted by occasion, example for birthday or Halloween, go to Buy gift cards by occasion here

How to order BITCOIN by Bank transfer, ACH, SEPA, Direct deposit, BACS 

Buy Bitcoin with bank account no verification

Buy Bitcoin with bank transfer no verification

Buy crypto with bank account no verification

After you've made payment, please send us an email to notify us at:

Chat us on WhatsApp or Telegram 

Buy Bitcoin on WhatsApp no verificationBuy Bitcoin on telegram no KYC verification

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Buy Bitcoin with debit card no KYC verification i.e Buy debit card and receive Bitcoin instead Buy Bitcoin with visa debit card

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