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NOTICE: In case you're new to earning income from this site, be informed that we no longer process payment with Paystack, so some of the links below aren't working at the moment but the products and services are still alive and kicking. We'll change the links later but at the moment, we use Flutterwave and PayPal to process our payment. For example: your customers may order Bitcoin or other products or services mentioned here by PayPal. See order Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum with PayPal.

You're in the right place if you're looking for guaranteed crypto passive income and how to earn daily from crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

We are offering everyone out there who has marketing skill an opportunity to earn money passively from crypto currency simply by pointing customers to our products online or offline. 

We can also create a special online store for you to accept payment by credit or debit card. It comes with many other payment options. You'll take 50% of sales revenue you generate from your store. 

Alternatively, if you have digital products for sale such as eBooks, download registration keys, gaming access keys, we can help you collect payment from customers. If interested in this offer and you need more information, see partner with us, take 50% sales revenue.

Earn crypto passive income- Earn daily from cryptocurrency, Earn income from cryptocurrency- Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

We have more than 10 products that you can sell and the good news is that most of our products are virtual. A virtual product means non-physical item that doesn't require shipping. 

We have answered possible questions you may have in the FAQs section below. Feel free to chat us on WhatsApp or Telegram if you have any other question after going through the questions and answers.


How would you sell the products?

The way it works is that a special link and code would be created for you. Example: see buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card, no KYC verification required. For more information about the buy Bitcoin with credit or debit card product, click on the image below to take you to the product page.
Buy Bitcoin with debit card

Or if you're interested in marketing the buy Bitcoin with gift card product, see buy Bitcoin with gift card, no verification at all. 
Buy Bitcoin with gift card

For more information about the buy Bitcoin with gift card product, click on the gift card picture above to take you to the product page. 

Re-sell virtual prepaid Mastercard or Visa card

You can also re-sell virtual prepaid Mastercard or Visa debit card. When your customers order this card, they'll receive the 16 digits card number, CVV, card expiry date, address. The card works everywhere Mastercard and Visa card are acceptable. 

Checkout by Flutterwave. Order virtual prepaid Mastercard. Click on card

Flutterwave doesn't provide a way to automatically choose order amount, so you'll have to manually type the card amount you want by editing the default $0.00 on the order page. Remember to include our commission when placing your order. You'll see details on the order page.

If you'll like to learn more about the card product, see the page dedicated to the card's frequently Asked Questions - FAQ.

You'll be required to use any marketing method of your choice to find customers who want to buy Bitcoin with debit card without verification or who want to buy Bitcoin with gift card without verification. They'll place order through the special product link that we'll create for you. The link is uniquely yours and any purchase made through the link is automatically recorded there.

There are many people who want to be anonymous and don't want to deal with KYC verification when buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. 

When the customer buy the debit card from the link shown above (it's legal to buy debit card without verification) we'll pay them by Bitcoin instead or send them virtual card details. It's up to them to choose.

Your job would be to advertise the link online or offline, and whenever someone makes a purchase through your link, you'll take 10% profit of the sale. We'll pay you in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you want.

The next product we have is a global money transfer service that anybody can use to receive payment from anybody in the world. The way it works is that we give customers a payment link to receive money. We'll receive the money on customer's behalf, and we'll pay in Bitcoin when we receive the money. We charge 30% commission for this service.

You can choose to receive your payment with either of the two payment gateways shown below. The minimum amount of money you can receive is USD 100. No maximum. The receiving link comes blank, so that your clients can type the amount they want to pay you. No limit. Use any of the following gateway below to receive your payment.

Click on the image below for Paystack gateway checkout.

Or click on the image below for Flutterwave gateway checkout.

If you send money to the link, contact us with the order number and sender's email address. It takes 6 days to process payment for Flutterwave and 8 days for Paystack. Please contact us a day before sending money to any of the given links because we regularly change the links. Hope you understand.

Crypto passive income, How to earn daily from cryptocurrency, Earn daily from cryptocurrency

I believe that the most profitable partnership opportunity we have for you is to get POS machine to process credit card or debit card from your customers and we'll pay you in Bitcoin or bank transfer for all payments you process. For details contact us.

Earn passive income with crypto

How would you know when someone you referred to us make a purchase?

You'll be given a link and a special discount code; example: the link I showed you above + discount code HDTUD, which you'll have to add to whatever message you use in your marketing campaign. 

Whenever we have a new order we usually ask the customer whether they have a discount code from whatever source they heard about us. If they say yes, we'll know it's your client through the code they give us, and we'll notify you immediately. But don't worry, because after a month of consistent sales recorded on your link, we'll give you a login password so that you can login to the dashboard to see your progress yourself in real time, instead of waiting for us to give you a feedback.

You'll get paid 10% commission of whatever amount of Bitcoin they purchase and you'll get paid this commission every time that customer purchase from us, not just the first time. 

Why did we show debit card as the product instead of Bitcoin?

Because the payment processor doesn't allow any business that has anything to do with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What other products do we have?

The other product we have is virtual Visa card or Mastercard that you can sell. As explained above, when someone buy this card, we'll pay them by Bitcoin instead or send them virtual card details. It would be up to them to choose whether they need Bitcoin or virtual card details. Please see buy Virtual visa card or Mastercard

Virtual visa card or Mastercard has 16 digit card number, card expiry date, and CVV security code. They can be used to purchase anything online wherever Visa card or Mastercard is acceptable. 

The last type of product we have is study abroad eBooks and tutorials, and you can market them too. See some of our best selling study abroad eBooks at study in USA eBooks. 

How much profit will you make?

You can make as much money as you want. We have some partners making up to $5,000 per month and there's no limit. You'll take 10% profit of every sale you make. Example: if you sell a product worth $1000, we'll pay you $100. 

You'll get paid every 8 days for all successful sales you made in the previous 8 days. Do inform your customers that a 30% or 35% processing fee applies (depending on the payment method) due to Bitcoin volatility and the risk involved in processing the card without verification. 

How long does it take to process payment?

It takes 8 days for the bank to process the payment before they pay us. So, if your customer make a purchase on the 20th day of the month, we'll pay you on the 28th for all the sales you made for the past 8 days. Again, we'll pay you with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

What do you need to get started?

The only thing you need to get started are social media accounts. Example: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, Live journal, Medium, Twitter, etc, etc. If you don't have accounts already, we advise you to create accounts and start making money immediately. You may also use a website if you want. 

You're not selling or handling any physical product. Yours is simply to use social media to get customers to buy our products through a special link that we'll create for you. 

You do not have to worry about shipping and handling because all products are delivered digitally.

Try it for just 8 days and you'll see this works better than any other opportunity out there.

What more? If you have any special product in mind that you have skill in marketing, we can create the product for you as long as it's a digital product. We can create any product you prefer to market. Just let us know what you prefer to market.

If interested, we charge $19 to create your store links. Note that this money is just to be sure that you're an adult and serious for business. Don't worry, the money would be refunded to you when you make your first sale. To send the partnership fee, see affiliate partnership

When making payment for the affiliate partnership, please type your email address correctly because we'll contact you to proceed or after you've made payment, send us an email to notify us at: info@cardswe.com

Thank you!

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