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Do you want to accept payment with a POS machine that bypass OTP verification ? We're offering you the opportunity to get a Global Payments POS machine that accepts any Mastercard card or Visa card in any country worldwide without OTP verification. We've already done all the required paperwork and registration for you. All you have to do is use the POS terminal to process credit or debit card payment from your customers and we'll pay you every 8 days for your earnings. We pay by bank wire transfer or Bitcoin.


Please take note before you buy this POS machine or terminal.

The POS uses SIM card or WIFI and it works everywhere but it requires re-programing to be able to accept cards issued from any country in the world. Once that's done, it becomes a powerful Global Payments card machine that can process any number of credit or debit card per day.

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By default, the POS machine/ terminal is programed by the issuer (Paystack) to accept Visa card and Mastercard issued in Paystack's local NGN currency. 

However, the POS is highly programmable and could be programmed to do whatever you want; including accepting cards from other countries and currencies worldwide. 

If you want to process cards other than Paystack's native NGN currency, then buy the POS machine if you know how to write software program or if you want to hire someone who can do that for you.

The POS runs on Android software and is so flexibly programmable that you can "root" it or even just remove the default software and replace it with yours. In fact, according to the supplier's website, it can even be programmed to work with your existing POS machine. This way, you can do whatever you want with it, including accepting any Visa card or Mastercard no matter the currency or country it's issued.

To get the developer's documentation, see POS terminal developer functionalities you can leverage on. 

To set up the machine, see POS terminal onboarding getting started

Order this POS machine to process your cards. Price is USD 498, shipping included. We ship worldwide. Follow here to Order global POS machine. Open the order page and type the amount shown above. If you order this product while it's out of stock, you can wait till we re-stock or we can pay you with Bitcoin or USDT or Ethereum. Note that we charge 30% commission to exchange CC payment to Bitcoin.


International POS machine frequently Asked Questions-FAQ 

How do I get paid for the payments I process ?
We'll pay you by bank wire transfer or Bitcoin.

When will I get paid ?
We'll pay you every 8 days for all the payments you processed.

Must I re-program the POS machine before I accept payment with it ?
No, not everyone needs to re-program the POS machine before using it. You'll only need to re-program the machine if you want to accept cards issued in currencies other than Paystack's local NGN currency. 

How much will you charge me to use the POS machine ?
We charge 40% commission of your total weekly warnings. Example: if you earn USD 1,000 in a week, we'll pay you USD 600.

How often must I use the POS machine ?
It's advised that you use the POS machine everyday to process payment. If you don't use it for 14 days straight, it may be put on hold by the issuing company. 

Worst case scenario, make sure you use the POS machine at least once in two weeks to avoid being put on hold by the issuer. Even if it's one Dollar you process, just make sure you use it at least once in two weeks to do a transition, no matter how little.

How long will it take to deliver the POS machine to me ?
We'll deliver your POS machine to your address within 19 days of receiving your payment.

How do I connect the POS to the internet ?
You can connect the POS to the internet with SIM card or WIFI, just like a mobile phone. In fact, the POS is just like an Android phone to process card payment.

After you've made payment to purchase the POS machine, please email us at: or chat us on WhatsApp or Telegram below.
International POS machine
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